First post!

Here it is! My very first post!! I’ve been so excited to start this adventure that I haven’t been able to sleep (with three kids at home, who has time to sleep anyway?) I’m thinking of starting with some of my favorite go to recipes. Which recipe would you like to get first?

18 thoughts on “First post!

  1. Hello Kari, being introduced to your blog by Wyatt just might be the best thing about reading his blog. And what a nice surprise to see you have recipes. Or will. Oh, I am going to enjoy stopping here. Now that I’ve read the about you section, I know to bookmark you under cooking. Welcome, good luck and I will be looking forward to trying your recipes. As for you poll, I will welcome any of them and try to make them.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jack! Wyatt is a great friend, I’m grateful for his support. Please let me know what you think of my recipes, I’m interested in knowing what others think of them.


  2. Wyatt said to stop by, so here I am, stopping by. I will have to show my wife your site. She goes wacko over all sorts of new recipes. I hope you enjoy the blogging world, have a great time, and don’t get a bunch of weird trolls.


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