Mom…what’s for dinner?

It’s Saturday morning,  I’m doing laundry, catching up with friends, cleaning the house, and entertaining the boys when in stereo I hear…”Mom, what’s for dinner?”

I got this! I plan most of our meals in advance, shop once per pay period, and prep what I can ahead of time. Having no idea today would be rainy and a bit chilly for this Arizona native, I planned for enchiladas. Normally on a day like today I would have made a nice hearty soup or a pot of chili, but I’m pretty sure the meal I planned will work just fine.

Tonight we are having:
Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
Cheese Enchiladas
Spanish Rice
Refried Beans
Quesadilla’s (for the little guy…he’s not yet interested in enchiladas, he will get there)

Here’s to planning ahead, taking the stress out of meal time, and making something for everyone!


4 thoughts on “Mom…what’s for dinner?

  1. There are certain parts of Philadelphia where you could get good Hispanic food/ingredients. I don’t know how safe I would be though. I might need an armed escort. :/

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