Oh What A Beautiful Day

Today is the perfect day to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to my Godson… I hope you enjoy your special dinner, birthday cake, and have a wonderful day!

It’s Valentines Day!! I hope everyone is enjoying the day celebrating love! Love comes in so many forms 🙂

I’m celebrating so many different things today and thought I would share a little.
My wonderful husband and love of my life, was so kind and helpful today, I am truly blessed.
Even though I am approaching 40, my Dad still sends me a box of chocolate every year, he was my first Valentine.
It’s 75* here in Tucson today! The weather is beautiful and it’s been great to open the windows and let the spring air in.
Everyone is healthy and happy today. The boys had their sports activities and my daughter is enjoying time with her friends.


3 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Day

  1. Yes he did have a nice day. Now if you could send some warm weather this way that would be perfect with the windchill this morning it feels like -15.


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