I’m Back!

It’s been an exciting few weeks for me 🙂 I have recently started a new job that I absolutely love!! After three weeks of training in Tempe, AZ and another three weeks in the field from home I am starting to feel more comfortable in my new role. While learning the specific skills and systems needed for success, I also learned so much from the wonderfully diverse group of professionals in my training class. I met people from all over the country, we shared our training experience in such a positive way I am forever grateful for that experience and the life lessons shared between us.

In addition to the new job, we as a family have also thrown ourselves into the full swing of spring sport season. My 17-year-old has been playing varsity baseball since early February, the 5-year-old has been playing t-ball since early March (Kevin and I are coaching the team, which is more like herding cats!), and my 13-year-old is taking dance lessons and acting like a typical teenage girl. Zayne apparently left One Direction-if this is the first you have heard of this tragic news, please feel free to stop by and learn all of the details from an obsessed teenage girl 😉

My family has been supportive of all of these changes, but I’m sure they are ready for life to stabilize a little and for mom to start cooking again. I hate to admit it, but I have not had the energy nor interest in cooking for quite a few weeks, but I do believe it’s back. Today is an unusually cool, cloudy day for Tucson this time of year, and a great day to do some meal prep and baking. I’m planning to try a new recipe this evening, and hoping to bake something yummy to carry us through the next week.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Oh, thank God you are back. My 14 year old hates everything my mom and I cook. I need recipes and ideas. We are in a similar situation. Aidan is n the school track team and playing his first season of lacrosse. The girls will soon be finished with dance class which takes up two nights a week. First, we need to get through the recital which is in two weeks. We are very busy this time of year.

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  2. Welcome back! 😉 Glad to hear your training went well. Sounds like you are going to be really happy in your new role! Good luck with all the activities you have going on with the kiddos this season. It’s been busy just trying to juggle one on this end…couldn’t imagine 3! Lol

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  3. I’m a day late and dollar short reading your blog. It sounds like you have a great job and great family, which you can’t beat! Plus, you live in a beautiful place too. I love the southwest. I had a flood in my basement and repairing things has been taking virtually all my time. I got tired of working on it and gave up for the day, so here I am. Have to go read the next post too. It would be interesting to hear about what the job entails if that’s possible. Getting too personal on a blog is not always the best thing to do, so if you leave it at what you’ve said already, that’s fine. It’s always great to hear somebody is enjoying life.


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