Embrace Your Curls!


I have curly hair, I have always had curly hair and I am (finally) proud of my curly hair!! My mother and my daughter have curly hair, and I love their curly hair.

Here’s the truth, for years I hated my curls. I tried everything to straighten them and hide the fact that I was born with beautiful curly hair. For years I bought into the media message that beautiful hair meant straight hair. For years, I didn’t embrace my hair and show the world who I really am.

Recently I have had more than a few women of various ages not only compliment me on my curly hair, but stop to ask how I get my hair to look so soft and manageable without the frizz. All of this recent attention around my hair has made me realize that I not only love my hair, but I have an opportunity to help other women love their hair too! Women are beautiful in all shapes, sizes, and hair types. I’m on a mission to help women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and hair types learn to love themselves and work towards becoming the best they can be. If you have curls, show them off! Work with your curls and let them work for you 🙂

Here are a few tips for my fellow curly girls:

  • Throw away that flat iron, if that’s scary for you, at least hide it and only use on occasion-your hair doesn’t like that heat!
  • Stop washing your hair everyday, curly hair tends to be dry and washing it everyday is not necessary.
  • Find a good shampoo and thick conditioner that really moisturizes your hair.
  • Be gentle with your curls, no need be rough with them when washing, conditioning, drying or styling.
  • Find a hair stylist that specializes in cutting curly hair, if he/she tries to cut your hair dry or straight…run!  My stylist is Ouidad certified and amazing!
  • Find a good line of hair products, I only use Ouidad products and absolutely love them.  My favorites are the Tres Effects Styling Gel and the Shine Glaze Serum.Ouidad products
  • Check out this website, it will change your life: https://www.ouidad.com/
  • Only use your fingers when styling your hair…
    • apply product on wet hair
    • style in sections-I separate into sections, and work each section by smoothing first and shaking second to let the natural curl fall where it is supposed to.  Again visit the Ouidad website for more details.
    • dry naturally or with a defuser
    • finish with shine glaze serum after dry
    • don’t over style, let them be 🙂
  • Find a few different hairstyles that work for you.  I usually alternate between wearing my hair down, to a loose pony, and then a loose braid.
  • Have fun with your hair!  Check out different styles and find what works for you 🙂








2 thoughts on “Embrace Your Curls!

  1. I have recently embraced my own curly hair. My hair used to be long, well past my shoulders. I was tired of it and needed a change. When my hair was long it would get frizzy more easily. My bestie convinced me to try shorter hair to see if I like it. My new hairstyle is a winner! It is so much easier to style and I do not need to wash it everyday. I simply wet my hands and pat my hair a few times. Then I use the diffuser. It is quick and easy. I use Moroccan oil to help hold moisture in my hair. It works well and I love the scent.
    Thanks to my bestie’s advice I love my curly hair again.


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