“I Wanted Costume Gloves”

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 So apparently my super power is not mind reading! Last night around 10:00pm my thirteen year old daughter sends a text…”can you grab me a red tutu and white gloves tomorrow?” Since Halloween is today, I really didn’t think this was such an odd request. I wasn’t thrilled that she waited until the last minute, but let’s be honest she is thirteen and most importantly she is her mother’s child! My poor mother had to scramble every year at the last minute because I never wanted to dress up until the big day and then couldn’t make a decision…must be why I was a gypsy every year which really translates into wearing her old clothes from the 70’s layered with jewelry and my curly hair in it’s natural state.

So after a T-ball game with the little guy this morning, we head out to collect the items Kenzie requested. No problem, right? Wrong! First of all, I don’t think they make tutu’s for teenagers, second of all it’s Halloween and there is nothing left! I call a friend who is much better at this holiday than I am, she says…”oh just grab some tulle and get out your sewing machine, it will take you 10 minutes” Ummm…I don’t have a sewing machine, and don’t even know how to sew on a button!

I move onto the gloves. I can handle gloves, right? I grab two pair of white gloves. I’m so proud of myself for this because they are actually white not off-white (I learned the hard way last year that there is a difference when I grabbed an off-white scarf). I deliver the gloves to Kenzie-she’s still at her training for her big bike race, send her a text letting her know I got the gloves but no luck on the tulle.

Several hours later I receive a text from my little princess (who apparently is dressing up at Minnie Mouse tonight). I’ll let you read the conversation between us, this is the story of my life!



Thoughts From An Old Soul….

What ever happened to enjoying an activity, event, conversation, or meal and then having that enjoyment become a memory imbedded in your brain for as long as it was supposed to? Lately I have seen an epidemic (strong word, I know) of people of all ages forgetting to savor the moments of their life, because they are to concerned with taking a selfie, posting a pic to social media, capturing a video, etc. I find this kind of sad to be honest.
Tuesday night as I watched the World Series with my family, I noticed that most of the attendees were only viewing the game through the lens of their smart phone Think of all of the sights, smells, sounds, etc. that they are missing from a once in a lifetime experience! One of my fondest memories as an adult was when I had the rare opportunity to watch a game at Fenway. As a Boston Red Sox fan from Arizona, you can only imagine the excitement of that night. If I close my eyes I can remember that night with all of my senses. I can hear the sounds of the crowd, the sounds of the ball hitting the bat, the sounds of a player catching the ball, the players talking and laughing or yelling and fighting. I can smell beer, hot dogs, freshly cut grass, dirt, etc. I can visualize the crowd, the players, and the stadium. I can feel the old seats, the energy of the crowd, etc.  I digress.  My point is that although this took place well over 10 years ago and I didn’t have a camera with me, I was still able to embrace the experience and create a memory of a lifetime.

I’m not sure I have a real point here, sorry maybe just venting. But I am going to challenge the few readers I have to savor the moments in life, after all they are so much more than what is captured through the lens of a smartphone!

Please fee free to share with me a memory in your personal memory bank that was so profound, enjoyable, or just plain real that a picture or video wasn’t necessary to make it memorable.

A Pinch of Crazy!

I honestly try to handle everything life throws my way with more love than crazy, lately life is crazy! I have been working about 60 hours a week, traveling for work several times a month, trying to be the best parent I can be with school, extra curricular activities, two teenagers, a kindergartner, four dogs, a desert tortoise, and last but not least a great husband.

As we navigate through this journey we have created, I realize that no matter how crazy it seems, I am blessed to have so many amazing people and opportunities in my life. I’ve accepted that although I may not always have the time and/or energy to create elaborate home cooked meals, in the end we are a family and I’m proud that we do our best . I can only hope that when these young minds that call me “mom” are older and have families of their own, they can appreciate the value of eating together, sharing our crazy, and laughing at life.

In an effort to improve on family time and encourage everyone to take the time to breathe, relax, and enjoy our blessings; I have decided that we will make Sunday brunch a priority. I’m excited to share the recipes and stories of my family as this new tradition unfolds.

Thank you for remaining interested in my humble little blog, supportive of my adventures, and interested in my recipes. I look forward to sharing more with you! Please feel free to share your recipes with me as well, I’m always looking for something new to create in the kitchen 🙂

What’s Better on a Chilly Day than Chili?

ChiliOkay, so I can’t exactly say it was chilly in Tucson today. In fact I think it was a crisp 81* today 🙂 However, nothing says fall like pumpkin carving and a nice bowl of chili afterwards. The big kids love my chili, and the little guy will learn to appreciate this hearty meal in a bowl. The best part about this meal is it’s easy and there is usually a ton leftover.  Sometimes I freeze it for another night and other times we use over baked potatoes or make chili dogs.
Here’s my recipe:
2 lbs of ground beef ( I use 80/20)
3 cans chili beans-do not drain (I use S&W Chili beans)
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can white beans (drained and rinsed)
1 small can diced green chile’s
1 large can whole tomatoes (break up tomatoes into mixture, include extra sauce from can into mixture)
salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, chili powder to taste

Brown ground beef, drain and place in slow cooker
Add beans, seasonings, and chile’s
Cook in slow cooker for 4-6 hours
Serve with shredded cheese and cornbread