I feel so blessed that because of technology, the occasional blog update, etc. we are able to share special moments with friends and family even if they live far away. It’s always nice to know when our friends and family on the east coast are celebrating the milestones in life that create memories.

Sometimes pictures, messages, and brief conversations just don’t cut it! This summer, we are honored to have some of our dear friends visit for a week. I’ve been feverishly planning this trip down to the last detail. Yes I know…it’s a disease I have :).

Since we never get to celebrate birthday’s or special events with this family, I’m planning a birthday party….for everyone! Here’s what I’m thinking, I will make several birthday cakes (I’m hoping at least a few of us can agree on the same cake/frosting combo), we will have birthday party activities, maybe even balloons, streamers, hats, etc. We will sing happy birthday to all 10 of us, take lots of pictures, and hopefully laugh until our cake filled bellies hurt 🙂

What do you think?


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