The Neglected Blog

Hi everyone! So I logged onto my blog tonight and much to my dismay I saw the facts not so carefully disguised in my stats. Apparently it’s been five months since I have posted. My last post….Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…if that isn’t telling I’m not sure what is.

I’ve been reflecting today, reflecting on why I started this blog in the first place, reflecting on why I haven’t committed to giving this blog more of my attention. I wish I had some elaborate, exciting excuse. Sure, I have made excuses. “My life is too busy”, “work has been too consuming”, “I don’t have anything to write about”, “I’m not that good at it” , “My life is boring and no one really cares” etc.,etc., etc.,

Here’s the truth. I love this blog. I have neglected this blog. I have been afraid of this blog. What if people don’t read it? What if people don’t like it? What if I really am so boring that no one cares? What if my family doesn’t want our lives out there? What if my family feels neglected when I devote time to blogging and not them? The list goes on and on.

Now here’s the real truth. My life is interesting, crazy, and even boring at times. I do have something special that is worth sharing. Not everyone will like this blog. Not everyone will hate this blog. I let me fear of rejection stop me from doing something that I really enjoy. What if something I write is so important, so powerful that it helps another person to change some aspect of their life? What if something I write makes someone smile for the first time on any given day? What if my crazy, boring life makes someone appreciate their not so crazy, boring life?

Here’s my commitment: I will make time to blog at least three times a week. I will give through this blog my experiences, tips, and a piece of me for others to receive if they choose.

Thanks to anyone out there who is still reading. I welcome you to share with me in my journey.


7 thoughts on “The Neglected Blog

  1. Nothing says you have to post on a blog every day. I have enjoyed reading what you have to say and making a few comments. I like your recipes too!

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  2. Thank you Ria and Redneck. Although my intentions were to start to pay more attention to my blog, I have battled one illness after another over the last few weeks. Finally starting to feel human again and looking forward to blogging more:)


    1. Thanks Wyatt-I have been really wanting to write more, just been too sick lately to care. Almost feel human today so it’s a good time to write and stay quiet while I recover from a respiratory infection, stomach virus, and strep throat-all at the same time!


      1. Ugh. Thursday and Friday were nonstop rain, and we held practice outside and had a game Friday. I’m still trying to get my core temperature back.


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