Over the next few months everything in my family as we know it is going to change. I’m trying to embrace all of this and be mindful of how these changes are inevitable and that will simply be a new chapter in our lives. However…I spend many a night on the verge of tears wanting to hold onto this chapter, and especially my kids for dear life.

This May, Haydn will graduate from high school. I have to admit his completion of high school is bittersweet. High School hasn’t been the easiest journey with this particular child. He’s smart, a natural leader, an athlete, and an all around amazing person but didn’t necessarily embrace the high school experience. From the time Haydn could talk he has wanted a few things from life, he was going to be a United States Marine and he was going to the President of the United States.

This June, Haydn will leave home to fulfill his dream of becoming a United States Marine. I’m so proud of him! One of the hardest things I will have to do as a parent is say goodbye, let him go, and trust that I have provided him with the strength, courage, skills, and determination to make his dreams a reality.

Haydn is a fighter. He was born twelve weeks early, weighing 2.3 pounds and fighting for survival. Survival and perseverance are so much a part of him that I know we will be okay. Sure he will have challenges, but I’m confident in his ability and determination to overcome them with the strength which has been a part of him from the beginning.

The emotions that surround this upcoming change are often more than I can handle. While I will be standing taller with pride in the path my first born son has chosen, I will miss him terribly. I will miss our “old soul” conversations, his smile, hearing him play the guitar, laughing at his silly sometimes naive sense of humor, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I still see him as my little boy, mostly I see him as the young man I am proud to call my son. So, while I am sad to see him go and scared of the upcoming change, I am also excited and honored to watch him transform and embark on a new journey.


8 thoughts on “Change

  1. Congratulations to your son for his choice and congratulations to you and your husband for being the kind of parents to raise such a son. I wish you all the best. Keep us posted on his journey (and yours too.)


    1. Wyatt, when you visit he will be in boot camp. I wish he was going to be here to meet everyone…I will be medicated so your trip should be entertaining at best 🙂


  2. Kari – Last time we were in AZ, Kevin had us at a place with crazy expensive margaritas. It was called a Blue Cadillac, I think, and was teh awesum!


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