Treasure each moment

IMG_2663Two years ago tomorrow I nearly lost my best friend, soul mate, husband, step-father to my children and just an all around amazing man.

It’s a very long story so I will keep it brief.

After roughly nine months of marriage, Kevin ended up spending the majority of six weeks in ICU suffering from endocarditis, congestive heart failure, and multiple other life threatening complications.

Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary of this most trying experience. Together with the support of those that love us most, we conquered and came out stronger than ever. After open heart surgery, an extra day on life support and many uphill battles he came out stronger than ever.

What did we learn? We learned to appreciate the little things. We learned to celebrate everyday. We learned to love with everything, no holding back! We learned that life is short. We learned to not sweat the small stuff. We learned that in the end, “everything will be ok”. We learned that you don’t everΒ need a reason to eat cake, because today is always a day to celebrate…even if it wasn’t our best.


14 thoughts on “Treasure each moment

  1. I can’t even imagine what you were feeling. I do know that someone in this house had me searching for flight info so he could race out there if needed.

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